Picario Visualisation Engine

You now have the power to visualise your products as realistically as possible.Picario XPO is a powerful real-time visualisation engine that allows you to display every product — from walls and flooring to curtains and furniture — in any possible color and fabric based on one master scene.

  • Easy-to-use configurator
  • Realistic output with sharp edges and shadow rendering
  • Multiple integrations possible
  • Lower photography and set-up costs

We will help you implement it in your web environment or client portal. The easy-to-use configurator can be used online, in stores or during fairs.

Are you a manufacturer, webshop owner, designer, photographer, or marketer? Then this is the tool for you.

Master Scene Service

A master scene is a basic image to use in our Picario visualisation tool. The scene can be a picture that you have taken from a real interior or a 3D render.We help you convert this image in order to render new photorealistic content.

The results are indistinguishable from real photos and studio work: sharp edges, natural light, and shadow rendering and even surface textures remain visible.